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Having a professional drafted will is in the best interest of yourself and your loved ones when you have assets, investments, property and capital in the bank.
It is very important to draft your will by an attorney or a person that specializes in drafting of wills. Mistakes cant be corrected when you are no longer around.

Not having a will can cause delays in the administration of your estate, unnecessary litigation and a emotional burden on your family.

You should have a will?

Any person who has:-

  • Minor children;
  • Married or living with someone.

Not having a will in place may cause delays in the administration of your estate

If you do not have a will, there are numerous risks:

In the event that you don’t have a will in place the beneficiaries will be determined according to the law of intestate succession.

Your assets will be distributed to your closest blood relatives and not the loved ones you intended to benefit.


In South Africa, we have three types of trusts:-

1. Testamentary trusts
2. Inter vivos (living) trusts
3. Charitable trusts
4. Other trusts

A trust can be used for:

The preservation and protection of your assets for your children.
The administration of assets and interests of minors, the elderly or disabled beneficiaries.

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